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Toronto is a great city to live in and is home to many different lifestyles, but no matter who you are, residential disasters can wreak devastation in your home. Here, at GTA Restoration Toronto, we’ve seen it all: floods, sewage back-ups, and fires that can leave a permanent mark upon the comfort and integrity of your home. Over the years, our emergency services have helped hundreds of homeowners fight damages incurred by water damages. With years of experience and the license to offer the highest-grade solutions in the remediation industry, GTA Restoration is proud to be here for you 24/7. You can count on our team to show you professional and reliable courtesy and to make short work of cleaning up after big disasters. Don’t undertake home restoration on your own: let us provide you with the assistance you deserve for the results you desire.

GTA Restoration Toronto Expertise and Solutions

GTA Restoration provides reliable and affordable emergency assistance. Nothing makes as big of a difference in complete home restoration as immediate response after the disaster occurs. Our trained professionals are fully licensed and bonded and bring with them the knowledge of industry procedures and methods that will guarantee effective treatment for your home. Our solutions for flooding and water damage are comprehensive and include the use of commercial grade fans, pumps, vacuums, and other blow-drying systems. We use only the best cleaners and procedures to do the job the right way. If you are in trouble, do not attempt home restoration on your own; not only is it easier to let professionals help you, but you’re more certain to get satisfactory results.

GTA Restoration Toronto Services Include:

  • Wet basement restoration
  • Flooded sewage treatment
  • Water damage restoration
  • Black mold removal

Dealing with a Wet Basement

It is actually incredibly common to find yourself the owner of a wet basement, especially if you live close to a large body of water or a river. When homes are built upon high water tables, a good heavy rain or other conditions can cause underground water to rise and seep through the foundation of your home. If you were not prepared with sump pumps built in or some other drainage system, you’re looking at water damage that must be dealt with quickly. We can help you clean, repair, and then improve your basement to prevent lasting damage as well as advise how to prevent further flooding. Don’t suffer from a wet basement any longer.

Flooded Sewage Treatment

One of the most severe conditions that can occur in any home is sewage flooding. Sewage is waste that is flushed away on purpose, as the contagions contained within are incredibly dangerous. Never attempt to cleanup or treat a sewage flood on your own. Only professionals have the proper tools, cleaners and protective gear necessary to keep themselves and you and your family safe from the diseases and contaminants contained within sewage.

Water Damage Restoration

As a homeowner, the best thing you can do for water damage is respond quickly and call in professionals like our team, here at GTA Restoration Toronto. Water damage restoration is difficult enough without delaying treatment; if you do not get immediate help you’re allowing permanent damage to occur. The biggest chance you have for successful restoration is to call for help immediately. GTA Restoration is here to help with Toronto water damage restoration 24 hours a day.

Black Mold Removal

Many people fail to understand that flooding, humidity and wet basements leave behind worse things than water stains on the baseboards. The mold that can grow during the condition of standing water will hide within walls, carpet padding and in ceilings. This mold can be dangerous to your health and should never be treated without professional grade cleaners. Call GTA Restoration Toronto to help prevent or eradicate mold from your home.