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Are you having a plumbing emergency? Trust GTA Restoration’s 24/7 emergency plumber services in Toronto & the GTA! Our lighting quick response is guaranteed, we have emergency plumbers on call 24 hours a day. In the case of a flood or water damage our emergency plumbing crew is accompanied by our water damage restoration team, ready to start the water cleanup as soon as our emergency plumber addresses the flood source.

Whatever your plumbing emergency cause is, whether you are dealing with a burst pipe, drain clog, frozen pipes, water heater or sump pump malfunction, sewage backup or any other flood emergency, we will swiftly resolve the issue.

Additionally we are also a flood and water damage restoration company. Our emergency plumber will quickly resolve your plumbing issue and our water damage restoration crew will step in with their water extraction equipment, will halt any additional water damage and finally dehumidify and restore your property and belongings.

Emergency Plumber Toronto

24 hour plumber toronto

Emergency Plumber

GTA Restoration is unlike most plumbing companies because we are ready in any emergency. We help people with burst pipes, frozen pipes, leaking pipes and much more every day. When something happens to your plumbing system you want to fix it as soon as possible and that's what we do best with our 24/7 emergency plumbing service, we are always ready to help.

24 hr emergency plumber toronto

Burst Pipes

If you experience a burst pipe it's very important that you act fast in order to minimise the water damage and avoid the growth of mold. GTA Restoration is ready to help you with our 24/7 emergency plumbers, with 15 years of experience dealing with burst pipes and the latest equipment to ensure that it gets taken care of quickly and effectively.

emergency plumbing toronto

Toilet Overflowing

If your toilet is overflowing, it must be solved quickly to prevent any water damage. Our emergency plumbers can be on site quickly to help you. GTA Restoration is highly experienced and prepared to help you deal with toilet overflow. Our team will not only help you solve your toilet problems but can provide you with total toilet overflow restoration services and sewage clean up to make sure that your bathroom looks brand new.

emergency plumbers toronto

Clogged drains

When GTA Restoration clears your drains we do it without damaging fixtures. All plumbing systems clog eventually, when it happens to you don’t be fooled by thinking that simply using a liquid chemical can solve all problems. Chemicals alone cannot clear your drain completely and using them can cause your toilet bowl to crack from the heat.

24/7 plumber toronto

How do we fix it?

GTA Restoration has found that the best way to fix a clogged pipe is to clear it using a drain auger with a cutting head to remove all the debris. Instead of doing this yourself contact GTA Restoration and let us save you the headache and have your drains completely cleaned safely and efficiently.

GTA Restoration Emergency Plumber

Our Toronto emergency plumbers have over 15 years of experience in specifically emergency plumbing. By hiring a GTA Restoration emergency plumber you can avoid overtime charges that regular plumbers charge. Our experienced Toronto emergency plumbing team can deal with a broken water main, a backed up basement floor drain, clogged toilet, clogged bathtub or sink, broken sewer line and sewage backup, storm drain overflow, burst pipes, frozen pipes and more.

Emergency Plumber in Toronto

If you experience an emergency and need a plumber as soon as possible GTA Restoration has you covered. Our emergency plumbers are available 24/7 and able to assist you any time. No matter how large the problem, GTA Restoration's emergency plumber service will be able to handle it. Our plumbers have years of experience dealing with all issues as well as all the latest equipment to ensure that your problem is fixed properly and efficiently.

Emergency Plumber services that we do

  • Complete Emergency Plumber Services
  • Broken Water Main
  • Burst Pipes
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Clogged Drains
  • Backed up basement floor drain
  • Clogged toilet
  • Clogged bathtub
  • Clogged sink
  • Broken sewer line
  • Storm drain overflow
  • Waterheater malfunction
  • Clogged main drain
  • Sewer backup

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24-hour Emergency Services - Water, Fire, Mold Damage in the GTA When the unexpected happens, it does not just damage your property, it causes chaos in your schedule, budget, and the day-to-day life of your household or office. GTA Restoration remedies this situation with a quick, well-equipped, and effective response team that extends reliable and affordable assistance for your indoor emergencies at any given time of day or night. From broken plumbing to mold and asbestos issues, our property damage specialists in Greater Toronto can assess, address, and restore the surfaces and corners of your home or building and leave you with less the worries, stress, and expenses.

Emergency Plumber Toronto.

If you're looking for an emergency plumber in Toronto GTA Restoration can help you. We have been helping property owners solve their emergency plumbing issues for years and would love to help you too. Our Emergency Plumber team is trained to handle all kinds of situations, whether you have a burst pipe, frozen pipe or flood we are here to assist you 24/7. Unlike most plumbing companies GTA Restoration also has a water damage restoration and mold remediation team ready to assist you so no matter how large the problem is we can help you. We take pride in having the latest equipment and certifications to give you peace of mind and guarantee a job well done.

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Emergency? Immediate response 24/7



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