GTA Restoration serves a wide-range of clients:  homeowners, businesses, property managers, health-care facilities and government agencies – any person or any organization that has suffered a sudden and accidental calamity. A less obvious but crucial client is the insurance carrier covering the loss. Few restoration and remediation companies are better positioned to deal with an insurance representative than GTAR.

Our reputation in the claims industry is respected and broad because of the sheer volume and variety of losses that GTA Restoration has brought to a successful conclusion.

The true measure of a professional service company is how it handles the myriad of issues that may develop during delivery of services. GTA Restoration is committed to solving any and all issues for its clients whether it be at the beginning, the middle or the end of a loss.

Shopping Malls, Toronto Condominiums, Regional Hospitals and EMS are some of recent customers who have taken proactive steps to help reduce the risk of transfer of unwanted germs from one person to another.

Their facilities have been treated with the highest level of protection available in Canada, the GTA Restoration Treatment Program. It is the only Health Canada registered permanently bonding antimicrobial surface treatment that kills germs on contact.

By enrolling your building in the GTA Restoration Treatment Program, you have made a conscientious decision to protect you and your guest. You’re in good company knowing that these great companies are utilizing this leading edge technology.