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We offer basement waterproofing services, wet basement solutions, foundation crack repair and basement leak repair in Toronto & the GTA, including Brampton, Markham, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Scarborough and more.

Do you have a wet basement? Thousands of homeowners across Canada struggle with wet basements, foundation cracks, basement leaks and flooded basements. The harsh winters in Ontario, with high levels of snowfall and rain, are the number one cause of wet basement issues. Moisture and water sipping in can ruin carpeting, framing, can buckle your beautiful hardwood floor, and most importantly, it can create the perfect conditions for harmful mold to grow.

GTA Restoration has the expertise and experience to assess your wet basement problems. Using infrared scanning technology we can non-invasively identify leaks, foundation cracks and moisture areas. Our crew can then come up with a plan of waterproofing your basement and repair any foundation cracks, from the inside or outside, with or without digging.

Through the years we have helped both residential and commercial property owners across the GTA including Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Scarborough solve their wet basement problems.

Our team is ready to help you solve all of your waterproofing issues. It’s very important that you contact our team as soon as you realize that you need any waterproofing work. If your concrete walls are not waterproofed they can become damp which will lead to cracking . This could be very bad as it can help dangerous molds to grow. It can also cause flooding during rain storms.

We have included a diagram below so that you can see all the different areas that water can enter into your home.

Let our professional team help you waterproof your basement and solve your wet basement problem once for all!

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Wet Basements and the Risk for Harmful Mold, Water Damage Woodbridge, Waterproofing Properties in Toronto,

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24-Hour Emergency Plumber Toronto, Fire Damage Restoration, Flooded Basement Cleanup, Water Damage Restoration, Mold Removal, Biohazard Remediation service in Toronto & the GTA. When the unexpected happens, it does not just damage your property, it causes chaos in your schedule, budget, and the day-to-day life! GTA Restoration remedies any situation with a quick, well-equipped, and effective response team that extends reliable assistance for your indoor emergencies at any given time of day or night. From water damage, broken plumbing to mold and asbestos biohazard contamination, our property damage specialists can assess, address, and restore your home or building, stress-free.

Basement Waterproofing Toronto

GTA Restoration has been helping waterproof basements in the Greater Toronto Area for years. Our team is trained to make sure that the job gets done properly and efficiently. If your basement has cracks , leaks or floods it needs to be repaired immediately. GTA Restoration is available to help you, no matter how serious the issue. If you have a wet basement, call us today!

GTA Restoration Technicians are specialists in basement waterproofing & cellar tanking. We can help with all aspects of ensuring quality, long-lasting waterproofing of basements and damp cellars.

Our Services include:

We offer all types of basement waterproofing services, wet basement solutions, foundation crack repair and basement leak repair in Toronto & the GTA, including Brampton, Markham, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Scarborough and more.

We understand that any situation involving Biohazards Waste Contamination in your home or business can cause stress and anxiety, which is why Contact GTA Restoration right away @ 647-956-7165 for dependable & experienced biohazard cleanup & remediation services.

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