Water Leak Detection

Professional Leak Detection Specialists in Toronto:

The specialist team at GTA Restoration has a lot of experience working with insurance companies, property maintenance companies, builders, and the public, carrying out surveys at properties with potential water leaks and dampness issues. GTA Restoration uses very sophisticated non-destructive equipment to identify where the problem’s source is without having to destroy anything in your property.

We offer a water leak detection service and include a basement, roof, attic, and structural leak repairs and create a full water leak detection report for insurance companies for an additional cost. Once GTA Restoration finds the leak, we can send our specialty drying team to the property and dry the area. Once it is completely dry, our restoration team will begin to restore your property back to its original condition, including any additional renovations needed. We are trusted by property owners all over Toronto, our team works with many property managers and has lots of experience detecting water leaks in condominiums and buildings.

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Water Leak Detection

GTA Restoration is fully trained to quickly and efficiently detect water leaks, no matter where they are our team can find it. Using the latest equipment in the industry, GTA Restoration is able to see behind walls and floors without having to destroy them.

Non-destructive Moisture Meters

Our non-destructive moisture meters help us find moisture under vinyl floor coverings, wood, drywall, tiles, concrete, and masonry without having to remove them. This is a good method to quickly create a moisture map of a property so that we can investigate it in more depth.

Thermal imaging

Our infrared camera can show us hot and cold surfaces, helping us find water leaks quickly and easily behind walls and under floors without having to remove them.

Boro Scope

These are optical devices attached to a long tube with a camera on the end, which is useful for finding leaks in confined areas while preventing disruption.

#1 Water Leak Detection Service Company in Toronto

When it comes to accurate, non-intrusive leak detection, Restoration Toronto is the industry leader. We have the equipment to take on the projects our customers present to us, from leak detection in your home or business plumbing lines to main line water leak detection.

For the detection and repair of water leaks, call Restoration Toronto

Different tools and methods are required to fix pipes made of cast iron, concrete, PVC, and copper. Your best option is to call a licensed plumber who specializes in water leak repairs, regardless of the material or location of your leaky pipe. This is particularly valid for covert leaks. Unchecked water leaks over time can result in the growth of mold and even structural harm. Your high water bills will be the least of your concerns.

The advantages of using Restoration Toronto to fix water leaks

It’s critical to feel confident in the company you choose when it comes to something as crucial as leak detection. Our team of experts can help in this situation.

Here are some reasons for choosing us:

  • We’ve spent more than 50 years attempting to locate and repair leaks. Our engineers and technicians are unmatched, completing thousands of projects each year.
  • Modern technology. We work with a variety of the most advanced tools. This comprises
  • Leak detection using infrared heat technology without affecting the environment
  • The use of tracer gas to locate escaping leaks.
  • Acoustic testing to identify any pipe system leaks. Our experts will be able to identify the source of a leak and address it without endangering your home.

Why Customers trust us

Leaks, as opposed to major plumbing catastrophes, can often be much more covert. They can, yet, harm your property and your health if they are not dealt with on time. Restoration Toronto has the knowledge and resources to identify the source of the leak and can develop unique solutions to deal with the issue.

  • We show up on time.
  • We finish projects within the allotted time.
  • When a job is complete, we clean up the area.
  • We show our clients the utmost respect while handling their belongings.
  • We have cutting-edge techniques and non-intrusive technology.

Too, plumbing firms persuade property owners to re-pipe their buildings—an expensive project that could be avoided. Our diligent technicians track down the leak’s origin. Customers will not be required to pay for services they do not need. You can trust that Restoration Toronto has your best interests in mind when you choose us. You can always rely on us, to be honest, and to quote prices that are accurate because we will never misrepresent anything.

Do You Need a Pro to Find Water Leaks? Call Our Experts Right Now

Are you concerned that your plumbing system may have hidden leaks? Call Restoration Toronto if you’ve already seen evidence of water damage or if you want to stop further issues. Our dependable plumbers have the education, training, and practical experience required to restore your pipes to top condition. Make an appointment for your next water leak detection service or ask our technicians for more details about our residential and commercial offerings.

Most frequent reasons for burst pipes

Knowing what causes a pipe to burst in the first place is one of the best ways to reduce the expense and damage that follows.

There are several common causes of pipes bursting, such as:

  • Freezing
  • Corrosion
  • Strong water force
  • Shifting soil
  • Cloged Drain
  • Aging pipe
  • Improper pipe layering and construction
  • Inadequate connections
  • Permanent pipe damage

For many households, leaking pipes, plumbing equipment, and fittings are a significant source of water waste. Continuous water leaks can result in significant water damage if they are not identified and repaired. Restoration Toronto is an expert in finding and fixing water leaks. Our team is equipped with every piece of slab leak repair and water leak detection machinery required to complete these tasks. Water leaks can be found and identified, and we can give homeowners advice on various leak repair options. We can take care of leaks in your pipes as well as leaks in your slab.

What should you do now that you’ve had a leak?

We can assist you in finding the leak and having it fixed as soon as possible, regardless of whether you are experiencing boiler pressure loss, can smell mold, have a damp area, or have a high water bill. Because of this, the effects of leaks should never be taken. A 0.5mm leak could cause your property to lose 20 liters of water per hour, damaging it.

Early leak detection is the beginning. Finding the source can cost a lot of money and cause a lot of trouble. To find the leak if it isn’t obvious, a plumber might inflict more harm. So don’t think twice and call Restoration Toronto. For peace of mind, get in touch with us by phone or online so we can go over what to expect. At the time that’s most convenient for you, we’ll send a qualified technician to your house. They’ll find the issue in a matter of minutes using the most recent leak detection technology.

Leak repair: How Restoration Toronto fix it

Once the leak has been identified, we can locate it, dig it up, and fix it the same day, reducing your stress. Our goal is to leave you with the least amount of disruption possible while the leak is fixed. You can also discuss drying out any resulting damage with us.

In the past, finding the source of a water leak required causing damage to pipes, floors, walls, and other structures. Restoration Toronto can now make use of effective tools that safeguard your property and limit the damage.

We also assist thousands of people with their water leak detection needs because we are a dependable partner of major insurance companies, plumbers, and property owners.

Have you noticed a sudden increase in your water bills despite no fee increases? Do you notice low water pressure throughout your house or place of business? Then there is a possibility that you have a concealed leak. There is no time to waste because failing to address leaks could have negative effects. For local property owners, Restoration Toronto provides a variety of high-quality services, such as pipe repair, fixture replacement, and water leak detection. You must immediately contact qualified plumbers who can assist in resolving the issue if you suspect a leak.

Restoration Toronto Water Leak Detection Equipment

Many household water leaks are not immediately clear or visible, which increases the likelihood that they will go unnoticed for a long time. For instance, the water supply pipes for sinks, showers, bathtubs, and toilets are found underground, behind walls, and under floors. Before you even become aware of a leak, slow leaks in concealed places can cause significant damage. Plumbing leak detection requires a skilled plumber with the appropriate water leak detector and leak detection tools.

Our service technicians can locate the leak’s exact location thanks to the specialized water leak detection equipment that we have on hand. Our team can then perform the repair as and as possible thanks to our equipment’s sensitivity and accuracy. Modern water leak detection tools, such as electromagnetic pipeline locators and electronic amplification equipment, direct plumbers to the leak’s source with the least amount of damage to your property. Experts from Restoration Toronto are prepared and trained to locate and fix leaks you discover in your home using a contemporary water leak detector.


  • Few things are more unsettling than watching a significant amount of water pour into your home, whether it’s due to a burst pipe, a water heater malfunction, storm water backing up into your basement, or sewage backing up into your basement. There’s nothing to snort at, not even a tiny leak.
  • Focus on safety. Get out of the house if you don’t feel safe there. Falling and slipping risks, as well as electrical risks, could exist.
  • Immediately close the main water supply valve. Of course, it helps to be aware of the shutoff valve’s precise location beforehand.
  • Shut off the electricity in flooded rooms if it is safe to do so. To get to the breaker box, do not walk or wade through the water. You might be panicking or even worse.
  • Check your sump pump to see if you can get it running if you can reach it and the power is still on. Check to see if an object or an electrical cord is preventing the float switch from turning on by pulling up on it. A functioning sump pump is the quickest way to remove water from a flooded basement.
  • If it’s safe to do so, begin blotting and mopping the floors to remove excess water. Make sure to dry off any water on wood furniture to prevent damage, and prop up wet cushions and upholstery to dry.
  • Put up a barrier between the furniture legs and the wet carpet (use a margarine container or lid, aluminum foil, wood blocks, etc.). Check that the carpet is free of any books, magazines, rugs, or other colored items that might “bleed” on it.
  • Inadequate connections
  • If the ceiling is wet, avoid using household appliances, the TV, and ceiling fixtures. Avoid entering a room if the ceiling is sagging!

Have a leak? We can assist.

1. Detection of Water Leak

Observing evidence of water damage but unsure of the source of the leak? Dial us. We are expert leak hunters in Fresno. We use cutting-edge technology to locate hidden leaks.

2. Fixing leaks

Once the leak’s exact location is known, we can locate it and repair it, halting the water damage at its source. Our plumbers are equipped to fix a variety of concealed leaks.

3. Leaks in sewer lines

Our team specializes in locating concealed leaks all over your house. Here in Fresno, we serve as your go-to company for slab and sewer line leak detection. Finding indications of a leak? For urgent help, contact us right away.

Our Services for Finding Water Leaks

It’s not always simple to access or locate a pipe leak. Many are concealed beneath the slab of your house, behind walls, or in ceilings. Finding these leaks on your own is impossible because, in the absence of the necessary training and tools, you are left speculating on where the leak is coming from.

Call Restoration Toronto to make your life simpler. We provide specialized leak detection services. To locate your leak, our plumbers use specialized tools. After that, we access the pipe and fix it.

Don’t try to guess where your leaks are coming from! Call us in its place. To schedule service with our staff, please fill out the form above. Or, give us a call—we provide emergency service at no extra cost on nights, weekends, or holidays!

Risks of an Undiscovered Water Leak

The level of risk posed by an undiscovered water leak depends on how long the leak has been undiscovered. On the surface, everything might appear to be fine, but if a water line splits or even has a tiny leak that nobody can see, serious damage could happen. This kind of leak may cause mold growth, rotting wood, damaged carpets, and drywall, as well as a protracted, costly cleanup, if it happens under a vanity, behind a wall, or under a floor. Another reason it’s critical to find water pipe leaks as soon as possible is that they can result in higher water bills if left undetected.

Motives to Call us Immediately

Besides to higher water bills, the vicinity of the leaky pipe may have excessive moisture or condensation, small patches of mold, a musty odor, or dampness in the walls, floors, or ceilings. This could harm your home and endanger the health of anyone who has allergies or respiratory problems. You might notice the extra moisture on the ground when you walk on it if the leak is in a pipe that is outside the house. When you suspect a water line leak in your house or on your property, don’t be reluctant to call Restoration Toronto!

Advantages of our expert services

Leak detection plumbers are trained to locate even the most difficult water leaks using specialized cameras and diagnostic tools. A professional, experienced service will identify and fix your leak as well as any other problems with the water line. The secret is to hire a reputable business, then sit back and let them handle the work.

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Water leak detection

If you think you might have a leak, but are unsure or if you know you have a leak, but can not find it, GTA Restoration can help you to use an infrared camera we are able to detect leaks anywhere on your property. Our specialized equipment is the best in the industry and our technicians are fully trained in using it. No matter where your leak is, we can find it without having to cause any destruction (such as removing walls, floors. Etc.)

What Leaks We Find

We can find all internal and external leaks:

Central Heating Leaks, Mains Water Leaks, Hot & Cold Leaks, Buried & Hidden Pipes, Underfloor Heating Leaks, Drain and Waste Leaks

We understand that any situation involving Biohazards Waste Contamination in your home or business can cause stress and anxiety, which is why Contact GTA Restoration right away @ 647-956-7165 for dependable & experienced biohazard cleanup & remediation services

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