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    Practical Steps to Black Mold Removal

    We will give you some advice on black mold removal. Molds grow anywhere – from bread to damp walls.  Aside from being disgusting and unsightly, some kinds of molds are actually poisonous and can cause health problems to people exposed to them.  Yes, it doesn’t even require for people to ingest some types of molds to make them sick.  Mere exposure to some kinds of black mold like Stachybotrys and Memnoniella may already result in a potential exposure hazard.  These black mold, Stachybotrys and Memnoniella often grow in surfaces that have cellulose and are constantly wetted. Thus, these dangerous black molds can be seen in cardboard, wood, ceiling tile and cellulose insulation.

    Toxic black molds like Stachybotrys and Memnoniella Chartarum can grow anywhere in the world.  People who are chronically exposed to the toxin created by this mold experience symptoms of cold and flu, as well as sore throats, headache, diarrhea, fatigue, dermatitis, hair loss, and decreased brain function.  The mold’s toxins also restrain the immune system which affects functions of the bone marrow and lymphoid tissue. Other effects of toxin absorption coming from these black molds include pneumomycosis and cancers in the lungs and kidney.

    There may also be black mold growths in shower stalls, shower curtains and bath tubs.  However, because these places do not contain cellulose, these molds are not toxic.  Molds that grow on these places feed on films of soap that steadily build up there.  Molds such as Cladosporium, Ulocladium, Stemphylium, Pithomyces, Alternaria, Dresclera, and Aureobasium are not known to contain or produce toxins, but people who are constantly exposed to them can develop allergic reactions which in turn, can cause other health problems.

    Non-toxic black mold removal is not that difficult to conduct.  Getting rid of black mold infestations would depend on what type of infestation is present, how big the infestation is and the location. Black mold that grows on bathrooms, usually on ceilings, walls, tiles, tubs and curtains can be cleaned with the use of a bleach solution of 1 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water mixed with detergent.  After being thoroughly dried, the ceilings and walls (or at least the ones without tiles) can be treated to a fresh coat of paint.  This is because the black pigment may not be removed by the bleach and detergent solution even though the presence of molds can be removed.

    It is essential for cleaned surfaces to be devoid of all humidity and moisture so as not to let black mold recur.  Other more advanced methods of black mold removal can be done like ozone.  What is important for people to remember if they opt to remove black molds by themselves is to always wear protective gear like gloves and masks.  One should never handle molds with his or her bare hands.  Doing so is dangerous, as molds, whether toxic or not, always pose a health risk.  Remember, there is no such thing as a harmless type of mold.

    On the other hand, toxic black mold removal needs more caution to conduct.  Black mold growing on surfaces that contain cellulose is most likely toxic.  Anyone trying to remove this kind of mold must first take a sample of the mold and let it be analyzed by a microbiological laboratory. Moreover, one can also do the testing of black molds.  There are DIY black mold testing kits available wherein a person can determine the toxicity levels of black mold by himself or herself.

    Spotting the Presence of Black Mold Spores

    More often than not, homes that have black mold spores anywhere in it will at least have one resident suffering from respiratory ailments. After all, it will be almost impossible for the members of the family living in an infected home to not show any physical indications of the presence of black mold. Black mold poses risks of bronchitis, asthma, and respiratory bleeding, especially for children, because the spores tend to be inhaled by the people who are living in the house. For this reason, it is imperative that you undertake the necessary steps that will alert you about the presence of black mold in your home, especially if one of your loved ones starts to experience these problems out of nowhere.

    Black mold usually thrive on areas that damp or wet, mainly because this type of organism needs water or moisture in order to survive. Because of this, it is important that you perform the necessary steps to check for the presence of black mold, especially if you have recently experienced flooding or water damage in your abode. Make sure that you spot every imaginable surface that the mold may adhere to. Check the ceilings, the walls, and even the floor. This way, you will be able to spot the presence of molds in your home, thereby allowing you to do away with any problem that may present themselves in the future.

    Because black mold spores are airborne, you need to make sure that you isolate the area where you spot the earliest signs of mold formation. It is important that you do this, in order to keep the other areas in your home safe. The black spores are harmful and toxic, and it is important that you limit you and your family’s exposure to it. Cover the walls with plastic and make sure that you get it to be as air-tight as possible. It will also do you well if you temporarily ban human presence in the area, in order to avoid your family from coming in contact with the spores.

    Like other respiratory diseases, the earliest sign of ailments that are brought about by black spores are sneezing and coughing. While these symptoms may seem common and not harmful at all, they can be indications of the earliest signs of black mold poisoning. More often than not, the body will be reacting to the spores in the same way that it would to any of the other viruses. For this reason, it is important that you have your family tested by a medical professional, especially if you have experienced any water problem in your home, in order to ensure that you get the appropriate diagnosis.

    Because exposure to black mold spores can lead to very serious medical problems when left unaddressed, it is necessary that you undertake the right contingency measures as soon as possible. This way, you will be able to minimize the potential risks that you family faces and you will be building a safer environment for your loved ones.

    Simple Steps of Black Mold Detection

    Believe it or not, for all the threats that black mold poses, black mold detection can actually be pretty simple. This is actually a good thing, because it is important that you detect the presence of black mold in your home as early as possible, in order to keep the situation from getting out of hand. Here are some tricks that you can undertake in order to spot any traces of fungal infection in your abode as early as possible. With these simple secrets, you should be able to spot the earliest signs and carry out the necessary steps that

    Mold Inspection, Black Mold Detection & Mold Testing

    Mold Inspection, Black Mold Detection & Mold Testing

    The best places to start your search would be near pipes and wall crack, or basically anywhere that may be damp or wet. Like other mold species, black mold thrive most in places that are near water sources, because this type of organisms need moisture to survive. As a matter of fact, it will do you well if you take time to spot potential problem areas during the early stages of the construction of your home, in order for you to address the potential problem sources early on. Make sure that you maintain your water system as well, in order to keep the water that passes through the pipes from seeping through your walls or your floor.

    You need to make sure that you undertake the necessary steps of black mold detection, especially if you experience flooding, water damage, or any forms of leak in any area of your home. Molds have the highest incident ratings after these instances because these times as when their life sources are abundant. If you have experienced these problems in the past, make sure that you hire a professional to peruse through the whole area, in order to make sure that you address every single potential source of a mold problem.

    There are also different tools that you may use in order to detect the presence of black mold in your abode. Home laboratory kits have different black mold testing options that are easy to use and that give very satisfactory results. These kits are especially designed to be used by homeowners like you, so you would not have to worry about hiring someone else to do the job for you. All you would have to do is to follow the simple instructions that come with the kit and you would be good to go.

    When it comes down to it, black mold detection can be very simple. For this reason, it is imperative that you undertake the necessary steps that will alert you about the presence of black mold in your home as soon as you suspect that there is a problem. While there are many professional services that you may avail of in order to accomplish this task, it will be wiser if your carry out the tests by yourself. This way, you would be able to spot the problem areas in your house without spending more money than you wish to.

    Toxic Mold Symptoms Preventions

    Toxic molds symptoms can be experienced by any living things. Be it humans, animals, and even plants. They thrive on highly-cellulose material and carbon based organic material. They usually grow in the carpets, upholstery, garbage pails, refrigerator dip trays, closets, unclean humidifiers, air conditioners, and areas where the moisture build up occurs.

    Molds that are frequently detected are Cladosporium-mold allergen; Alternaria-major allergy-causing mold; Helminthosporium-located in warm and temperate zones; Epicoccum-similar with Helminthosporium, Penicillium-found in musty basements; Aspergillus-can live in dry conditions; and Mucor-molds found in breads.

    The symptoms include memory loss, allergies, breathing difficulties, destruction of brain tissue, open skin sores, fungal infections, lung diseases such as Aspergilliosis, chronic sinus problems, pain in the extremities, cough, sore throat, rectal bleeding, tremors and fibromyalgia—chronic widespread pain and heightened and painful response to pressure.  It is a either a musculoskeletal disease or neuropsychiatric condition.

    To get rid of them, you can call a professional mold exterminator. They have highly effective gadgets that can detect invisible pores in the air. They are also capable of providing detailed laboratory results containing mold amounts and the effects they have on your health. They would also make suggestions and recommendations for removal in case your house is infected. Toxic molds symptoms can’t be ignored.

    You can also try over-the-counter mold test kits. It identifies Aspergillus and Stachybotrys Chartarum. It’s accredited and validated for accuracy. It’s safe to use and it includes instructions on how to use it. Make sure not to touch the mold with your bare hands, however. Use gloves and face masks. There are a lot of these available online or in your corner hardware store.

    Another anti-mold that’s in the market today is an air purifier for mold. It filters various types of particles and allergens. It has UV lamp-the most effective way to purify air against micro-organisms. It has ionizer proven to enhance the performance of air filters. And it includes activated carbon filter and sanitizer against mildew odors.

    Another one available in the market is an essential oil, antifungal solution to mold. It’s being used for centuries for therapeutic use. It’s an alternative to bleach which believes that using bleach can lead to a mold rebound (in 24 hrs) in the bathroom.

    Don’t let your homes go or exceed 55% Relative Humidity (RH). Molds will thrive in such conditions. Buy a gadget to monitor the humidity in your area. Prevent water leak and intrusions (roofs, walls, gutters, and leaking pipes). Always have a well ventilated place and remove dust regularly. Keep firewood out and replace shower curtains even before you notice any molds on it.

    For the record, toxic black mold has been used as a biological weapon due to its high toxicity. It was used during the Vietnam War and needless to say, it is deadly in high amounts. You would want to be very careful when handling and dealing with them.

    Once you’ve been infected with black molds, seek medical help as soon as possible.  Doctors are able to make diagnosis based on your symptoms and blood samples. You will get cured in no time without the worries.  Make sure to allocate some time to inspect your homes and offices regarding molds infestations. Toxic mold symptoms should be eradicated entirely for our own sake.

    Mould Removal Service

    Powerful fans and dehumidifiers are utilized to dry the area quickly and prevent mold (mould) growth.

    Black Mold Removal

    See behind the drywall that is being removed. Black mold is poisonous. Never attach drywall to cement blocks with no framing and no vapor barrier.

    Mould Removal

    Removal of Ceiling Drywall to prevent microbial growth (mould)

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    Facts On Black Mold Health Issues

    It’s disturbing that there is a high amount of black mold, health issues nowadays. Black mold, known as Stachybotrys Chartarum is a greenish-black fungus that grows and reproduces in a highly cellulose materials and low nitrogen content such as wood, wicker, hay, cardboard and paper.

    Black molds grow where there is a good amount of moisture such as in areas that have plumbing failures, conductive condensation, house water leaks and natural occurrences that causes water to pool. When the mold dies and dries, its spores are spread through air. Exposure to molds can happen in varying ways and includes dermal contact, ingestion, and inhalation.

    Some of the black mold health issues that people suffer from are allergy, mycotoxin toxicity, and invasive diseases. Allergy is one of the health issues we face today regarding mold infection. This includes runny noses, itchy-watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, throat infection, sinusitis, and asthma. So if there are people in your family who are suffering from these symptoms, it might be good to look for black mold in your home..

    ycotoxins are cytotoxic and are capable of passing through a human cellular wall and disrupting certain cellular processes.  It is also secondary metabolites which are produced by fungi and capable of causing death and disease in animals and humans. There are two kinds of fungi:  Primary and opportunistic pathogens. Primary pathogens affect healthy individuals with normal immune system; while opportunistic pathogens affect weak or immune compromised hostss.

    nvasive disease is a very uncommon disease but it affects those people with abnormally functioning immune systems like those who are undergoing transplant or chemotherapy. Molds also produce VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) during the process of degrading substances to obtain nutrition. Studies also show that relative leukemia and lymphoma can increase through prolonged exposure of VOCs in the indoor environment.  This result is caused by poor ventilation at homes or offices.

    A family in Austin, Texas had a very serious implication with black molds in their house. Apparently, there was a water leak in their bathroom and the black mold grew and the toxin spread all throughout the house—from the floor to the air-conditioning unit. The four-year old kid was first contaminated; he was coughing up blood. Soon after, the wife got sick and her husband. The husband developed memory loss and it affected his work and daily life.

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